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Floyd Smith Interviewed on Money For Lunch May 15, 2014

Floyd Smith Interviewed on Money For Lunch May 15, 2014


  • 1:07 Floyd
  • 1:12 Bert …with the S1 approved, have you made draws against the $10m line?
  • 1:33 Floyd … certainly … used toward our production. …Snider Simons Lease
  • 2:14 Bert … about stock price downward pressure and dilution?
  • 2:34 Floyd … negotiate deals to clean up our balance sheet
  • 4:15 Bert … Great use of stock … strategic plans?
  • 4:37 Floyd … More exposure to PEII. …Press releases, TV Broadcasts, and Money For Lunch.
  • 6:22 Floyd … improvements in production and revenues
  • 7:00 Bert … investment in leases up and producing …Snider Simons Lease
  • 7:29 Floyd … on pace to complete equipment and get online
  • 8:38 Bert … how Petron re-pressurizes old wells with past production.
  • 10m Bert … Knox County leases?
  • 10:15 Floyd … renew application for P5 submit on Friday. 10-12 barrels online
  • 11:03 Floyd says, “Just to reiterate, we’re right on the eve of really, some really nice news and really an effort to put our wonderful company out there in the mainstream and create a great deal of value for all these great shareholders who have supported us, believed in our story and it’s a great story to believe in. But let’s get through this little valley and I think …where we’re looking to go from here, we’re all going to be very pleased with the end result.”
  • 11:38 Bert … I love it, I love it…
  • 11:50 – 12:14 Bert … (wrap up.)

On Thursday, May 15, 2014 Floyd Smith was interviewed by Bert Martinez on his BlogTalkRadio show called Money For Lunch

For convenience, you can listen to the program (with only Floyd’s segment) by clicking “read more” below…



Around 11 minutes into the interview (above), Floyd summarize saying … (watch the video below)…