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Petron Energy II, Inc. continues a tradition of developing oil and gas properties in low risk areas with years of proven production history.

The Oklahoma Oil and Gas Fields have produced over 100 years and are still active today. Oklahoma has played a very significant role in meeting our nation’s energy needs with its rich history of production and its enormous oil and gas reserves. The first recorded oil well in Oklahoma was completed in 1859, the same year that Colonel Edwin Drake ushered in the age of oil at Titusville, Pennsylvania. Although Oklahoma’s first oil find was accidental – the driller was seeking saltwater – other oilmen quickly invaded the Indian Territory in search of “black gold.” Just before Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory were united in single statehood in 1907, a fantastic oil-boom era began in the region. Its immense oil riches ignited a mineral rush that would ebb and flow across the twin territories and the state for more than thirty years and would rival all previous quests for hidden wealth in the American West.